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Known as the RFID brick tag, plastic wedge and/or coffin tags due to its unique shape, the brick tag excels in applications requiring a small foot print as they can be embedded in space-restricted applications. Brick tags also offer great durability as they can withstand physical stress and are resistant to water, chemicals, acids, and temperature extremes. Brick tags can also be mounted on or in metal.
RFID coil tag, also called RFID E-Unit, is a semi-product of RFID tags, could be made as 125KHz, 134.2KHz, 13.56MHz, or only the air coil without RFID IC, used for access control, animal identification, asset tracking etc. Any size is available.
Smaller than a grain of rice, Okay ID series RFID Glass Tag Mini transponder delivers big performance. Patented direct-bonding technology enables the compact tag design and optimized read range featured in the Glass Tag Mini. This tiny tag implants subcutaneously with minimal invasiveness. Even small animals, like fish and mice, will experience negligible injection trauma and excellent acceptance. The enclosed technology chip meets ISO11784/11785.
OKAYID is the leading provider of high-end RFID components and total solutions worldwide. Dedicated in improving identification and management efficiency in a wide range of industries and applications, such as: Animal ID and food safety, Fish tagging and Pigeon racing, Automation and manufacturing, Automtive and immobilizer, Warehouse and asset tracking, Access control and door opening, Medical equipment and healthcare, Semiconductor and Solar Energy, etc.
With more than 16 years' experience in RFID industry, OKAYID specialized in kinds of RFID coils and tags. The product range include RFID tags, transponders and microchips, RFID readers and scanners, Antenna, software and total solutions that covers all frequency band in passive RFID from LF 125kHz and 134.2kHz, HF 13.56MHz and NFC to UHF 860MHz-960MHz.
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RFID intelligent laundry system applies RFID technology in the identification and management of individual piece of clothes. Based on UHF RFID technology, this solution realizes an efficient working p
A complete suite of innovative RFID solutions optimized for public libraries and academic libraries to achieve exceptional application results in library collection inventory, item search, self-servic
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Combined with automatic control and wireless communication technologies, RFID technology participates in Warehousing ins/outs management, inventory management, allocation management, exchange manageme
RFID technology is widely applied in vehicle access and control applications. It provides significant advantages such as non-stop toll collection security guarantee.
Pallet is the basic and main element in the supply chain. RFID tags fixed on pallets can simplify working process, improve the efficiency in the advantages of long reading distance, fast read speed, s
Use RFID in production line system of Solar Energy, and realize material cost control, production statistics and piece rate statistics. At the same time according to user needs, can realize the produc
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RFID enables superior solutions for animal identification – independent of the field of application and the size of the animal. OKAY ID supply kinds of ear tags, glass tags and microchops for that.
Assets are everywhere inside a warehouse or distribution center. These can be tools, vehicles and equipment that need to be maintained from time to time. OKAYID supply various RFID tags for that.
RFID-media are available in countless various shapes: plastic cards, paper tickets, coins, key-fobs or labels. We offer RFID-cards from different producers, e.g. LEGIC®, Hitag®, Mifare®, HID® etc.
Nowadays, many Gas Distributor companies use Low Frequencies on RFID as it works well around metal and composite gas cylinders. OKAYID supply kinds of RFID tags for gas cylinder management.

We designed and opened a new mold of plastic microchip syringe, made of high quality plastic material, with automatic sp...


1. Principles of RFID

There are two types of RFID system such as Electromagnetic induction type and Radio wave type.

Frequency of Electromagnetic induction type is primarily HF band (13.56MHz), and electromagnetic waves from coil antennas of reader writer is received by the tag’s coil antennas, and obtain the operating power of the tag ICs.

Radio wave type (primarily UHF-band) will receive the radio wave, radiating from reader writer antenna to space, by the tag antenna.

From such view point that both type can receive the operating power from the reader writer and respond back the received signal (command) , they are almost the same.

2. Feature of UHF band type of RFID

Since UHF-band has a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than HF band, it is said that it has the advantage for the miniaturization of antenna size in general.

Also, on radio wave system, the communication distance can be long in general although it depend on the antenna size. IC chip of RF tag for UHF-band is generally smaller, and the memory capacity is smaller, too. Therefore, there is the many case that the cost is lower.

In case of using the high power reader writer, the application for the Wire Radio Act license to the local radio communication station but the specific low power type of devices ( with the license for the maximum power 250 mw) can be freely used by the user.

3. What is Passive type of RFID?

There is two types of RFID such as “with battery” type and “without battery type”.

"Active Type" with battery’s communication distance is longer than10 m.

"Passive Type" without battery can operate by the external power source such as Reader/Writer.

4. Type and Features of RFID tag

Tag for HF band (13.56MHz) is using the coiled loops antenna in general. The similar antenna is used for the Reader/Writer, too.

The feature of this type of antenna is that the energy efficiency is relatively high but it's communication distance is shorter.

Whereas, in UHF-band(900MHz) tag, dipole antenna is used for in general and patch antenna is used for reader/writer.

Although dipoles antenna has the directivity, it has the advantage of the long communication distance.

Since patch antenna's directivity is smaller, it is compensated by combining with tag that has the dipole antenna so that the tag communication can be made from various angle.

5. The structure of RF tag

RF tag is comprised of the IC for RFID and the communication antenna connected.

The antenna should be adjusted for the appropriate frequency for IC’s communication.

6. Frequency of RFID

In Japan, LF band: 120-130kHz, HF band: 13.56MHz, UHF band: 900MHz band, and Micro-wave: 2.45GHz band are primarily used.

Although the standards of LF band, HF band, and Micro-wave: 2.45GHz are almost common standard around the world, UHF band should be careful since the standard depend on the country.

You should refer to the RF regulation in your country since the above description is based on Japanese regulation.

7. Communication distance of RFID

The communication distance of RFID depends on the type of RFID (Active or Passive), RF output power of Reader/Writer, Antenna gain of tag and Reader/Writer, user environment, and so on.

However, the communication distance for Active tag is around several tens of meters and one for Passive type in HF band is around several tens of centimeters in general, In UHF band, almost all of the tag's communication distance is around 6m.

8. Function of a RFID Writer

RFID Writer can write or erase the data into IC memory.

9. Function of a RFID Reader

RFID Reader can read the data stored in the IC memory.

10. Types of RFID communication method

There are 3 types of RFID communication such as "Electromagnetic coupling type" ,"Electromagnetic induction type", and "Radio wave type".

"Electromagnetic coupling type" is known as mutual induction system and apply high frequency for the coil of each of transmission side and reception side. It result in the mutual induction which can load the information.

"Electromagnetic induction type" loads the information on the magnetic field generated in the near area of antenna and exchange it .

"Radio wave type" exchange the information by way of using the modulator and demodulator, which is adjusted for the communication radio wave, respectively in transmission side and receiver side.

11. Example for utilizing RFID solution

Even if there is some shield, RFID communication is possible at a premise that the radio wave can be reached.

Furthermore, not only reading but also writing (rewriting) the data is possible.

Therefore, the application field is expandable for not only inventory control of goods but also history management , personal authentication, and so on.

12. Application of RFID Technology

There are two different application of RFID technology such as Identification of goods by attaching the so called tag and Personal authentication by showing the card shape of things. However, both application is regarded as the same application of RFID technology in a broad sense.

Other applications such as:

– Access control

- Animal identification

- Inventory management

– Asset tracking

– Personnel tracking

– Controlling access to restricted areas

– ID Badging

– Supply chain management

– Counterfeit prevention (e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry)

13. What is RFID chip?

In RFID technology, the information is exchanged between Tag and Reader/Writer.

There is the rule for such information exchange (called as specification or communication protocol). Semiconductors device that has the rules for exchange of signals is called RFID chip.

14. Reading RFID (Accuracy/Distance/Range etc)

RFID are roughly classified into LF band (~135kHz), HF band (13.56MHz), UHF band (900MHz band), Microwaves (2.45GHz) on the basis of frequencies of used radio waves.

Although the reachable distance of radio wave depend on the conditions related to the antenna size and the signal strength, generally speaking it is known as "LF band ( ~10cm), HF band ( ~30cm), UHF band ( ~5m), and Microwaves ( ~2m).

15. Familiar introduction example of RFID

There are such familiar example of introducing the RFID technology as the security control card for the room entry and the traffic card, which are carried by people, the attached tag to the books and videos for the rental management at the library and rental video shop, to the goods for the inventory control and the shoplifting prevention, to the apparel products for the inventory control or effective operation of cash register, to the tableware at the company cafeteria or restaurant for the effective operation of cash register or the fresh food management.

16. Security problem caused by the popularization of RFID and Countermeasure

On RFID system, the information stored in the tag or card can be read or rewritten by way of using the radio communication with the reader/writer.

Therefore, there is the risk that those information data will be stolen or rewritten without knowing it.

Furthermore, the abuse of the information data in card or tag may be made by altering the original information and writing the incorrect information.

For the purpose of protecting the above risk, the specific RFID products with the strong security function are existing on the market.

In concrete, by putting the authentication function on the tag and card by utilizing the encryption technology etc and making the mutual authentication process at the time of reading or rewriting the information data, “Stealing the information data” or “Impersonation” is suppressed.

17. Features and Application of Active RFID tag

Active tag (active RF tag, active RFID) is a kind of RFID (Individual identification by Radio wave) incorporating the battery inside and enabling the wireless communication.

On the other hand, Passive tag (Passive RF tag, Passive RFID) has no battery inside and is operated by the external radio wave for the wireless communication.

The feature of Active tag is appropriate for the long distance wireless communication so that dozens of meters communication is possible.

However, there is the such disadvantages as higher cost than passive tag and replacement cost due to the consumed battery.

It is made to adapt to the various bandwidth such as Micro wave (2.45GHz) ,UHF-band, and so on.

18. Type and features of RFID capacity

RF tag (RFID tag, IC tag, Radio wave tag) is composed of a memory for ID ,which is written at manufacturing and is non-rewritable, to use the individual identification and a user area ,which can be rewritten by the user. There is various type of memory capacity including the large capacity type on the market. The large memory capacity type is more expensive in general but the cost depend on the purchase volume.

19. Structure and type of RFID communication

All of wireless communication equipment in Japan should be complied with the Wireless Telegraphy Act. Although various radio waves is used for mobile phone, TV, radio, wireless LAN and so on, the various interference including the crossing will be caused unless there is no regulation. Since RF tag (RFID tag, radio tag, IC tag) also make the wireless communication, the reader writer and active tag should be the subject of the Regulation. The above statement is written for Japanese regulation and please refer to the similar regulation for each country.

20. RFID with High temperature resistance

There is such RF tag that has the heat resistances without any damage under the high temperature.

Our Micro-sized RFID tag has the strong heat resistance so that would be durable under the autoclave treatment for the sterilization (121℃, 2 atmospheres, etc.) at the medical field.

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